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In commissioning we take especial care about quality of work because that is prerequisite for normal operation without problems.
We follow 3 golden commissioning rules:

1. Turnkey thinking
Our target is to do commissioning on the way that after energizing there is no any problem in operation.
During commissioning there are lot of situations when some mistakes are found.
Sometimes big and serious, sometimes minor.
In such cases we always try to find the best solution and improve the project in cooperation with client and designer as much as possible.
We will never leave job „According to the project“ if we have any doubts about quality of design.
So, our moto is: Do job three times but energize only once!

2. Quality

To be able to perform job efficiently on high quality standard everbody needs preparation.So, we will always try to make preparation before starting the job to avoid any mistake due to lack of time on site.

3. Safety
Safety is the most important element of our job because on high voltage any mistake can be fatal.
Before any job and particulary when we work under voltage, all risks are previously analysed in detail. After that we start to perform job.
Our moto is: Festina lente! (Hurry up slowly!)

In designing we think that is easier to change wire in paper than in cubicle.
So, before issuing project documentation we will change documentation so much times so is necessary to reach quality with minimum mistakes.

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