Eng / Hr
Hrvoje Morić
Bachelor Science Electrical Engineer - Power Engineering, graduated 1980
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Zagreb, Croatia
Chartered Electrical Engineer in Croatia
Commissioning / Design / Supervision Engineer
Company size: 2 employees

Company`s starting year to work in power engineering: 2013

Our activities: Electrical engineering in power plants, all level substations till 500 kV and industrial objects
- Commissioning primary equipment and electrical protection & control including automatic generator synchronisation, functional tests and energizing
- Designing electrical protection & control including automatic generator synchronisation
- Supervision of erection, commissionong and energizing

Lot of founder`s well done designs and successfully energized power plants, substations and industrial objects all over the world (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Iran, Iraq, UAE, India, China, Russia, Georgia, Ireland, New Zealand, Turkey, Libya, UK), during his career as commissioning/design/supervision engineer, is the best warranty for the quality of work. Most of these jobs were done for well known companies like Siemens, ABB, Ansaldo Energia, Koncar, Exor, Powerteam, Telenerg, Tractebel.

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